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Incorporated 1688

The territory comprising the present town of Amesbury was originally a part of Salisbury. On May 23, 1666, "Salisbury-newtown" was granted the privileges of a town, and May 27, 1668 the name was changed to Amesbury. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony records the name is entered as "Emesbury, "
after Amesbury, in Wiltshire, England.
May 12 1678, just and full bounds were allowed to Amesbury.
Beginning as a modest farming community, it would develop an aggressive maritime and industrial economy. The 90 foot drop in the falls of the Powwow River provided water power for sawmills and gristmills. The ferry across the Merrimack River to Newburyport was a lively business until the construction of bridges to Deer Island. Newton, New Hampshire would be set off from Amesbury in 1741, when the border between the two colonies was adjusted.
On Mar. 15, 1844, part of Salisbury, called "Little Salisbury, " was annexed.
Apr. 11, 1876, part of the town was established as Merrimac.
July 1, 1886, part of Salisbury was annexed.

In the 19th century, textile mills were built at the falls, as was a mechanized nail-making factory, believed to be the nation's first. The Merrimac Hat Company produced more hats than any of its competitors. Beginning in 1853, Amesbury became famous for building carriages, a trade which would evolve into the manufacture of automobile bodies. The industry, however, would end with the Great Depression. from Amesbury Vital Records and Wikpedia

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